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IVX-X CLASS - All-in-One Phone System for Business

ESI’s patented X-Class All-In-One Phone Systems are the latest addition to the ESI product. With up to 256 communications ports, IVX X-Class boasts the largest capacity among ESI’s IVX (Integrated Voice Exchange) family of advanced business telecommunications systems. IVX X-Class provides voice mail, an automated attendant, and automatic call distribution (ACD). It also supports ESI’s VIP enhancement for Microsoft® Outlook® as well as advanced voice over IP (VoIP) communications. Its many features make IVX X-Class an attractive choice for a wide variety of organizations.

IVX-E CLASS - All-in-One Phone System for Business

Loaded with advanced capabilities yet amazingly easy to use, ESI’s patented E-Class All-In-One Phone Systems give your business the power to present your most professional side to your customers.

ESI-100 Communications Server

Digital, IP, or both – you choose, Unprecedented flexibility for your small business communication needs

The ESI-100 Communications Server is a powerful tool around which you can build your organization’s entire telecommunications strategy - and you don’t have to know it all in advance. That’s because the ESI-100 can be a traditional digital business phone system, a fully standards-based IP telephony system, or any mix of the two. The choice is entirely yours, and the mix can easily change when your needs do.

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