IVX-X Class

All-in-One Phone System for Business
ESI’s patented X-Class All-In-One Phone Systems are the latest addition to the ESI product line. With up to 256 communications ports, IVX X-Class boasts the largest capacity among ESI’s IVX (Integrated Voice Exchange) family of advanced business telecommunications systems. IVX X-Class provides voice mail, an automated attendant, and automatic call distribution (ACD). It also supports ESI’s VIP enhancement for Microsoft® Outlook® as well as advanced voice over IP (VoIP) communications. Its many features make IVX X-Class an attractive choice for a wide variety of organizations.

Leading features of IVX X-Class

Some of the notable features offered by IVX X-Class, some of which are exclusive to it within the ESI family of business phone systems, include:

  • Impressive expandability - IVX X-Class supports up to 84 phone lines and up to 168 extensions. The card-cage construction of IVX X-Class simplifies upgrades or maintenance, as does the fact that IVX X-Class system cabinets mount on either the wall or a standard 19-inch equipment rack.
  • Massive voice storage capacity - Like all other ESI phone systems with voice mail, IVX X-Class provides voice mail ports (“channels”) that don’t subtract from the system’s call-handling capacity. This allows a system to be put together for maximum call-handling without having to balance voice mail needs versus call-handling needs. IVX X-Class provides 24 built-in voice mail ports and 420 hours of voice message storage - each 50% more than the previous ESI maximum, and far more than what ESI’s competitors provide in small- to medium-sized business systems.
  • Shared-office tenanting - IVX X-Class supports up to four tenants. This is ideal when multiple businesses share one location in which the same personnel are answering their incoming calls.
  • Compatibility with existing ESI components - IVX X-Class uses the same port cards and ESI Feature Phones as several current and previous ESI systems (see “Compatibility with existing components,” below).
  • Caller ID data to analog ports - Lets non-ESI analog devices on the system take advantage of Caller ID. Previous ESI systems passed Caller ID data only to digital ports.
  • Three-character dial-by-name - Allows a caller to search through the auto attendant directory and all Esi-Dex (speed-dial) directories by just dialing the first three characters of the desired name.
  • Privacy release - Simplifies conference calling. When enabled, this feature lets any system user “conference” with an in-progress call by pressing a key programmed for the line on which the call is in progress.
  • Optional VoIP capabilities - The addition of certain optional port cards gives IVX X-Class the ability to use VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) for a variety of communications enhancements. The system supports ESI IP Feature Phones for truly network-based telephony in the office, including ESI Remote IP Feature Phones across the Internet from remote locations such as home offices, satellite offices, and even distant vendors. For more demanding multi-site applications, ESI’s Esi-Link lets an appropriately equipped IVX X-Class system connect with one or more other compatible phone systems (even non-ESI systems, with the use of ESI’s IP Gateway product) as if they were “one big system.”
  • Built-in Network Services Processor (NSP) - Optional on other compatible ESI systems, this lets ESI Resellers maintain IVX X-Class over the Internet, minimizing downtime and service costs. It also provides the necessary internal hardware for use of VIP (see next item).
  • Compatibility with VIP, ESI’s add-on for Microsoft Outlook that provides call control, unified messaging, enhanced contact management, call logging, and phone programming

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